What is Developer Mode and How To Enable It?

Android phones are dominated globally today. Although Apple has an iOS operating system, but in terms of popularity it is not even around Google’s  Android. But do you know why the Android operating system is so popular! In this case, you just say that this OS is available in cheap phones so that’s why. But this is not because Microsoft mobile OS was also available in cheap phones, then why did people reject it? The biggest reason for Android phones being popular is easy adaptation and customization. That is, if you have an Android phone, you are not just the owner of the phone but also the software you own. You can make changes in your mind accordingly.

Now you should be wondering how this is possible. How can the phone software and interface be changed? So let me tell you that all this is possible. There is a hidden feature in your Android phone called Developers’ Options or Developers Mode. I have many options. Through these, you can make a lot of changes on the phone. This is an exception that creates a difference between a common user and a special user. So, if you want to be a special user then definitely you should enable developers mode in your phone. If you want to know more about developer option, then definitely in future I will be sharing more things about developer option in the future, for that don’t forget to follow this blog. But now I am going to tell you how to enable developer option on your phone?

How to enable Developers Mode?

As we mentioned earlier that by default Developer option is hidden or not enabled in the phone, so a normal user has to follow this step to enable developer option in the smartphone,

1. Go to the settings of your Android phone.

2. Then click on the about phone option here.

3. After entering the about phone option you will see an option called build number here, click 7 to 8 time on the build number option, then you will be able to see a popup message that the developer option has enabled in your phone.

4. Now come back to the home screen of the setting, here you will see an option right before about phone and that option is our developer option.

What are the advantages of developer option

1. you can root your phone: Many people root their phone to enhance the power of their phone. After rooting, you can control the phone’s RAM, memory and CPU itself. The phone root also has the option of removing the OS given by the company and inserting custom OS. But you should know that to root, firstly the developers have to unmount the mode and then the root is only possible by debugging. that gives the full access to our phones via debug to another device or OS.

2. Device animation can be fast: If you feel that your phone is doing a little slow response, then without deleting any data or without any third-party app, you can sharpen your Android phone. For this, first, you will have to go to the developer option. Scroll down, you will be able to see an option called animation scale if you off this option or decrease it up to 0.5X than your phone will be a little bit fast.

3. High graphic game will run smoothly on low RAM: If you are playing a heavy graphics game on your phone and it is slowing down, then it can fast only from developer mode. In the developers’ choice, you will see the option of Force 4X Mass, and you can see it. After this, you will feel that the game is already running smoothly

4. Show fake location: If you do not want to show an app or a browser your correct location, then the solution is also in the developer’s mode. First of all, go to developer mode, then you will get the mock location option. This will hide your actual location and the fake location will be visible to anyone who is tracking you.

5. During the charging the screen will always be on: If you want that your phone screen don’t go off when you are charging your phone then this option will also help you here. As long as the phone is charging the display remains on the same. So the solution is also in Devplers mode. If you come into the developer’s mode of your phone, then you will get the option of Stay awake. Whenever the phone will remain on the charge, the screen will not be off.

6. Limit Background Process: Although now in the new Orio OS Google has given the background limit option in the settings but in the old phone you can use it in developers mode. On many phones, when you open lots of apps then it slows down your phone’s speed. In this way, you can limit the application to the background. You can decide how much app open at a time.

7. Desktop backup password: If you are backing up your phone data on the desktop, you can secure the data through a desktop backup password. Through password, the data will be encrypted, and the password can be decrypted from it. You will also find this option in developer mode.

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